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Good game but I stop playing and come back later to not only find my save game is gone but when I start a new game I can't even charge the arrow shots so they end up just falling in front of my castle.

0/5 for being so buggy

This game has a lot of issues so only gets a 3 from me

Gameplay Balance - The game is horrendously repetative
Slave Pricing - The slaves early on are at reasonable prices but later on they're simply ridiculous and by the time you can earn the amount needed to buy some of the higher level ones you're already twice their level.
Combat - Right around the 4th city the AI for some reason just becomes 15 times as hard as the past 3 cities and I'm not bothered with losing but the way they can constantly hit 200+ when my characters are still hitting around 100-150 is just ridiculous. Before you or anyone says "well why not train your characters" I'm not doing that simply because the game is already repetitive enough.

fun and simple game although its too short and needs some boss fights or something

btw anyone who wants to cheat continously click on the mission character and you'll unlock cheat mode

Fun and well made but the fights felt slow paced because the fight menu is annoying since you can't use the directional keys to move through the menus.

I never player the first one everyone is talking about but this is a good game.

There is one audio bug though where if its starting to count the money at the end of a run and you hear that change sound of coins falling in a pan and you click proceed to the next run it will spam that sound till that run is finished. Nothing major since I just muted everything for that run but its something to look into.

didn't really like it

With some better artwork and graphics along with an option to speed up gameplay I think this could be a great game.

On a sidenote add a star slot for hard difficulty above each level so people can easily tell if they've complete the hard more or not for that level.

You claim you can upgrade your ship but all I've noticed after 5 minutes of playing is that the shield and hull is repaired after every wave. Can't really call that an upgrade to be honest.

more or less this is a glorified Asteroids game with ships instead of asteroids.

BrokenGears responds:

The upgrades are linked to the medals earned. You'll see most of them applied to the next game. The shield will repair itself after each wave, but your hull will not. I didn't want to force a player to leave an enemy alive at the end of each wave waiting to regain full strength in their shields. As for the hull, any damage to it will be with the player for the rest of the game.

Good simple game that is surprisingly more fun than it looks minus a few details...

- Arrows can be 50/50 on whether they hit because even if you have the arrow cursor behind an enemy you could miss 2-5 times yet aim at another enemy and get him on the first shot. This makes killing the larger waves later on almost impossible after lvl 5-6.

Possible content to add to the game or a possible sequel
- Allow upgrading and selling of the units you have already bought.
- Castle upgrades
- Buying of more soldiers to defend the crown

the game is good but with some RPG aspects and tweaking of the arrow fired by the player it will be a nice simple game deserving of 5 stars.

zzpoll responds:

Yes there will be a sequel, this game is just a short expirement.

decent game but can't say that I like the graphics

if you did the graphics you may want to work on it a bit more

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