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No problems with it but the game isn't all that fun

Simple time killer thats easy and fun to play.

add some difficulty levels to it maybe to limit the amount of apples they have for a level.

Cute little game and easy to play

would be nice if it had some collectibles to unlock bonux levels(maybe a possible sequel?)

The salary upgrades per zombie need to be revised because at the rate you need to earn money you can't get what is needed to upgrade because its reliant on population which is always being decreased.

To fix this allow players to station zombies at conquered cities to defend them so they'll have a fighting chance to enjoy the game. Otherwise it remain an unplayable wreck because of players being unable to keep up with the salary costs.

The only way I was able to play is to just conquer Antartica, North Pole and upgrade net income twice and let the cash build up to 800k to a mil to cover the cost of playing the whole game.

I agree with previous reviews

the money bug is just something that kills the game

Good game but holy hell does it need some difficulty settings because for me the controls are good but having to switch back and forth on the fly during hectic battles makes it hard to manage everything.

At least add difficulty settings and the ability to repair buildings while in combat mode.

Too damn repetitive and not much variety

You ABSOULETLY need to make it so the tower turrets CAN'T break the ropes on any collectible items during the missions where you need to make the items fall into the collection aircraft below.

great game but for that ridiculous gameplay issue of turret friendly fire so to speak it loses one star because it kills the fun for those using the turrets

Good game but for _____ sake fix that glitch that happens when you go to reload your gun sometimes. Many occasions while firing near the bottom of the window my screen would jump below the window during a reload showing a white background and it would be stuck there and then jerk back up which caused a lot of damage to my barricade because I couldn't shoot the zombies.

It would be a 5 but that horribly annoying bug is pissing me off.

Allow some control over at least one character and then maybe it will be a 5 star game but otherwise the obviously bad AI during battle just kills the experience. At the very least have general commands for each of the 4 units like the examples below
- Weakest Enemy
- Strongest Enemy
- Only attack the Daimyo
- Stick Together
- Defend (could possibly have this to where they can't be attacked for a few seconds and they have a random chance to heal an X amount of health)

When I was talking about "bad AI" more often than not 1 or all of the 4 characters(i ignored getting the bowman since hes useless) will go after an enemy suddenly turn around for no reason to attack a newly spawned enemy ignoring the ones already there that they've attacked and weakened.

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