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good game

Simple fun and a little bit comical at times

The item menus from RE are actually inspired by the Tetris series so blame Tetris for RE's infamous menu

fun but...

Its fun but I think you should lower the upgrade costs by 1 or 2 coins because at some point its almost impossible to continue playing due to how I'm always getting stuck with just 8-9 coins and i replay all the levels at least 10-20 times yet can't get the money needed for the other 10 coin upgrade.

fun but it has some drawbacks

I like it and it is a little addicting but once you get to the Cerulean Gym that part is just ridiculously hard because even when I try simple brute force with 5 of the special 10k cost TMs or just tell my pokemon to attack certain types I still can't beat it.

Controls suck

Graphics are good and the music is ok but can be annoying.

The thing that kills it is the really jerky controls which need a sensitivity option for players to adjust.

Great Game, too addicting though lol

Its a very well made game and surprising to see an RPG like this as a Flash game.

Only thing I hate is that the Easy and Normal difficulty of Zombie Defense seems balanced yet the Hard and Expert ones are just ridiculous to the point that they don't even have any difference.

9/10 simply because I've spent around an hour or two on the zombie defense and have gotten pissed off.

Simple fun

Its a great game with obvious influence from the game Infinity Blade which i'm a big fan of and have beaten that whole thing on every difficulty to 100% completion which takes forever

but back to your game...
I just hate the painful spam clicking aspect since you could of just used the arrow keys for balancing the lance and maybe the left and right keys for getting the horse up to speed.

Simple little challenge

Nice simple game and I'd give a 10 but completing the hard difficulty is near impossible since the character has to go take a piss more than a pregnant woman lol

Good game

Its a good game but what the hell am I supposed to do at the part involving Donkey Kong tossing barrels down?

Fun but gets annoying

I'd easily see myself playing this more if it had maybe some difficulty settings to where it could have a shorter or longer time frame before the dragon shows up because I playd like around 10 times and fought him 4 but lost everytime. Another thing is what is the point of the level up if it does nothing to effect the character other than total game score?

Try adding a Survival mode to see how long people can actually last in one run without having to fight the dragon.

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