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Allow some control over at least one character and then maybe it will be a 5 star game but otherwise the obviously bad AI during battle just kills the experience. At the very least have general commands for each of the 4 units like the examples below
- Weakest Enemy
- Strongest Enemy
- Only attack the Daimyo
- Stick Together
- Defend (could possibly have this to where they can't be attacked for a few seconds and they have a random chance to heal an X amount of health)

When I was talking about "bad AI" more often than not 1 or all of the 4 characters(i ignored getting the bowman since hes useless) will go after an enemy suddenly turn around for no reason to attack a newly spawned enemy ignoring the ones already there that they've attacked and weakened.

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Should be a crime for a game to be this fun and addictive lol

can't find any faults although it would be nice if you could set up groups like maybe hold control and select the units then press 1 so that everytime you press Ctrl + 1 you select that group of units . If that was done it would greatly help so that plays can tell their short range melee units to move up while ranged units can stay back.

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Very good game with good art and damn was it funny

its like an acid trip lol

Started playing the tutorial level and then i click to change perspective and im like wth? I was surprised to see that kind of game mechanic in a flash game xD

great game btw and can't find any real flaws in it.

great game

Missle Command + Asteroids + Tower Defence = this game

Its a great game combining old ideas which work well.

Would be nice if there was a sequel where you can upgrade the Dinosaurs yourself and maybe have some boss battles. Could also add a simple story where some wacky evil enemy in space is trying to wipe out the dinosaurs with asteroids xD

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Not sure how this got to the front page...

Only reason its getting a 5 is because of the artwork since the gameplay needs tweaking(especially the damn electric rail thing that fires WAAY too often) and is just too repetitive.

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goo but...

Its good but honestly the sidescroller style of game that imitates aspects of mario games is really overdone.

would of been nice if it maybe had some RPG elements and collectible items to unlock abilities and possible secret levels.

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Too easy and repetative

game was ok but it was way too repetative and easy

overall compared to other games this one is seriously lacking some extra content like more upgrades or an actual use for those stupid gems. BTW those things got in the way of attacking some enemies which was annoying someimes

Very balanced game

Had me addicted for a few hours and the gameplay is balanced but still challenging with the satisfaction of some RPG aspects which added to the gameplay.

nice job

if there ever was a problem it would be how easy it is to storm through most levels with an overpowered character lol.

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too much lag

Its a good game but even when playing it n different computers it still lags like hell

fix the lag and it will be a great game

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